An Innovative approach to Driving Industry Leader and Startup Growth

The need for Prinnovo™

We live in a world in which technology is advancing more rapidly than ever, and companies that cannot compete are soon left behind. Industry leaders and startup companies need a scalable and efficient approach to find each other and to work together to accelerate new innovations to the market.  There is a desperate need for a conduit between industry leaders and startup companies that fosters collaboration and engagement, allowing both to grow and benefit.  Prinnovo is the answer.

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What we do

A cloud-based solutions and managed services company, prinnovo creates, builds, and manages Private Innovation Networks™ for Industry Leading companies and their startup subscribers. We provide a turn-key and managed solution that includes:

A proprietary cloud-based technology platform combined with our managed services.

Private Innovation Networks of startup companies built around an Industry Leader's growth and innovation needs.

Periodic engagement of the network by the Industry Leader to keep it informative and relevant to the startup companies.

Tools and services to enable industry leaders and startups to find each other and develop long term relationships that accelerate new innovations into the market.  

Prinnovo's Founders

Prinnovo founders Mark Rainosek (CEO) and Jay Brennan (COO) are entrepreneurial veterans with 25+ years founding, developing and exiting multiple early stage companies to strategic buyers. Both Mark and Jay are active angel investors, evaluating hundreds of early stage companies through the Atlanta Technology Angels and the Piedmont Angel Network. Immersed in the early stage ecosystem, Mark and Jay have witnessed firsthand the difficulty industry leaders and innovator companies experience finding and working with each other. Through Prinnovo, they will help industry leaders identify and nurture relationships with startup companies that are addressing their growth and innovation needs.  

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