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Beyond offering incredible access to industry leaders, Prinnovo™ provides startups the opportunity to access and work with a variety of high quality partners. These include:

Prinnovo Corporate Partners

Startups are automatically enrolled in all our Corporate Partner Networks to make sure they have access to a wide variety of educational and developmental best practices designed to help them grow and become viable strategic partners for industry leaders.

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Prinnovo Capital Partners

Once you have fully engaged with an industry leader, you may find you require additional capital to move forward. We have assembled a variety of organizations providing growth capital to assist startups working with Prinnovo industry leaders to further develop their solutions. Contact a prinnovo representative who can help you with this search for capital.

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Prinnovo Advisor Partners

Many entrepreneurs are out of their element when negotiating with large companies like the prinnovo industry leaders. If you are contacted by an industry leader and would like some advice and assistance in negotiating a win-win relationship then a prinnovo Advisor parnter is right for you.  prinnovo Advisor Partners are experienced experts who can help you navigate this uncertain terrain.

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