Innovator Company FAQ

I just registered on the prinnovo platform.  Am I now a member of a Private Innovation Network?

No, but you are close!  Once you register, you will have access to all the introductory videos created by each Industry Leader that is setting up a Private Innovation Network.  Review each video and decide which Private Innovation Networks you wish to join.  There is no cost, so join as many as you think are relevant!

I have a great  innovation that I am sure one of your industry leaders will love. They have not identified this as one of their innovation needs. Is there a way I can make the industry leader aware of my innovation?

Yes! Once you are a member of a Private Innovation Network, you will have the opportunity to answer survey questions and briefly explain the problem you are addressing and your solution.  These survey answers will be reviewed with the Industry Leader, and selected companies will be invited to submit a video presentation on their company, solution and team.

My company has lots of innovative products, but I am not sure that one of my products will be of interest to your current list of industry leaders. Should I register?

Yes! New industry leaders are joining prinnovo™ all the time! Once you register, you will have the ability to tell us which industries you work in and which industry leaders you would like to connect with.  We will use this information to direct our efforts to attract new industry leaders to our network.  You will be notified by e-mail when new Private Innovation Networks are created. 

Should I register on the prinnovo network even if none of the existing Private Innovation Networks addresses my industry?

Yes, once you register on the prinnovo platform you will have the ability to guide our network building efforts by telling us which industry leading companies are of interest to you. Your expression of interest will help us convince industry leaders to create Private Innovation Networks that are relevant to you. 

I have a company with lots of creative people, but do not have an innovative product to pitch to one of the industry leaders you work with at this time. Should I subscribe to a PIN?

Maybe.  If you think you might be able to develop something of interest to that industry leader, you should join. Joining the Private Innovation Network™ of selected industry leaders will give you access to regular communication from the industry leaders on what they are looking for. You can use this information to direct your internal development efforts. If you succeed in being selected by an industry leader then you will have the opportunity to discuss a strategic relationship with them.

I am an inventor and have an idea for a product that I think one of your industry leaders could use. Should I join?

Not yet. Prinnovo enables the creation of private networks of COMPANIES with innovative products. Individuals with innovative ideas are encouraged to form a company, create a plan and a prototype, secure seed funding and then join.

What is the difference between an innovator company and an industry leader?

Innovator companies are early stage businesses from around the world that are developing new breakthrough innovations. Industry Leaders are large established companies that are trying to find and engage innovator companies working on breakthrough innovations that are aligned with their needs.

Is there a fee for innovator companies to register on the prinnovo network?

No, registering on the prinnovo platform is free.  At this time, all subscription fees for joining a Private Innovation Network are being waived, as well. This means you may subscribe to as many as wish for absolutely no cost.

Should I remain a member of a Private Innovation Network if I am not selected by an Industry Leading company to address their specific need?

Yes, staying involved will allow you to continue to receive valuable market intelligence through videos and Q&A sessions. You can use this to pivot or refine your innovation development efforts. You will also hear about additional breakthrough innovation needs that are articulated in the future which may be a better fit for your company.

How is prinnovo different from other innovation-focused service providers in the market?

Prinnovo is very different. We are not a consulting firm, an idea crowdsourcing platform or a corporate accelerator. We are a managed service that enables industry leading companies to find and engage global innovator companies that are aligned with their breakthrough innovation needs.

Will my profile information, completed surveys or solution responses be used for any purpose other than to engage with an industry leader of my choice?

No, all of your information will be used to allow industry leaders to determine if they wish to work with you. You are free to delete any content that you have provided through our service at any time while you are a subscriber.

May I cancel my subscription to a specific Private Innovation Network at any time?

Yes, just alert the Site Admin for prinnovo that you wish to cancel your subscription. Annual subscription fees are not refundable at any time.

Will I be able to interact with other innovator companies inside your network?

No, not at this time. You will only be able to connect and engage with industry leader or corporate partner Private Innovation Networks. We are considering future services for innovator companies to interact together so please let us know if you have any interest in this area.

Will I be able to communicate directly with an industry leader either in person, on the phone or via email?

No, all communication between you and the industry leader will occur through the prinnovo network.  Attempting to directly contact individuals from the industry leaders who posted content or video on the prinnovo network is a violations of our Terms of Service and cause to be dropped from the network.  Ultimately, industry leaders will contact you directly when they wish to set up an in-person meeting or have a phone conversation.

How long will it take for me receive feedback on a solution response I provide to an industry leader challenge?

It could take several months, depending on the number of responses submitted. Prinnovo account executives will keep you posted on the status throughout the process so you stay informed.

Why am I automatically being connected to Prinnovo corporate partner Private Innovation Networks?

Prinnovo corporate partners are responsible for providing “best practices” for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their companies. We highly recommend you stay connected to our partners but you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

I am an innovator company located outside the United States, should I join the prinnovo Network?

Yes, our industry leaders are global companies that want to find and engage innovator companies located anywhere in the world.

May I ask the industry leading company to sign a confidentiality agreement before I start to address their breakthrough Innovation need?

No, the industry leading companies determine when and if they will enter into a confidentiality agreement with an innovator company. Innovators should only share information with industry leaders that they are comfortable providing in advance of a confidentiality agreement being produced.

I have lots of innovative products that are relevant to a Private Innovation Network, but I do not want to sell my company right now. Should I subscribe to that network?

Yes! Subscribing to the Private Innovation Network of selected industry leaders will allow you to engage with those companies in whatever way is comfortable to you. The hope is that you learn more about the industry leader, its needs and its desires, so you can then decide if you want to enter into a more in-depth relationship with that company to help you accelerate the growth of your business. Subscribing to the network does not commit you to taking any step in the future.

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