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Is your company working on potentially breakthrough innovations?

Does your early stage company have a great new innovative product or solution that you KNOW the market needs? 

Do you have a handful of early-adopter customers using your product with good results? 

Would access to and interaction with a market leader in your industry validate your business model and help you grow your business? 

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To succeed, you need to be discovered

Angel-stage companies around the world are developing new innovations and solutions for new markets with large growth potential. These companies typically have a talented and passionate CEO, a minimumly viable product and some early adopters showing interest in their solution.  

Often, the key to the company’s success is whether it can quickly engage an Industry Leader and validate the solution before needing to raise large rounds of capital. The problem is that startups have an extremely hard time finding and accessing the right executives within a large company that would be interested in their new innovation at an early stage of development.

Our Private Innovation Networks™ are designed to allow startups to connect with the right executives at an industry leading company so the entrepreneur can demonstrate its capabilities and be found. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turbo charge the growth of your business.

Engaging an Industry Leader's Private Innovation Network

Step 1 – Register with prinnovo 

The first step in being discovered is registering on the prinnovo platform at absolutely no cost to you.  Once you register, you can view videos created by the Industry Leaders explaining the types of startups they want to join their Private Innovation Network.  If you find a network that it is of interest - join!.  You will also be notified whenever a new Private Innovation Network is created, so you can view its video and decide if you wish to join the new network as well.  Even if there are no Private Innovation Networks of interest to you now, registrants will have the chance to tell us what industry leaders they do want to access, and we will use this information to help attract those industry leader to our network.

Step 2 – Subscribe to Each Private Innovation Network at absolutely no cost!

Once you find an Industry Leader that is looking for the type of innovative solution that you are creating, subscribe to their Private Innovation Network. For a limited time we are waiving the entire access fee, so you can join for free!  Taking this step will allow you to complete the Industry Leader survey, be included in more detailed innovation need requests published by the Industry leader during the year and participate in video-based conference calls hosted by an Industry Leader executive.  It is likely that several Industry Leaders from the same industry will create Private Innovation Networks.  Please subscribe to as many Industry Leader networks as you think might be relevant to you.  Since you can subscribe at absolutely no cost, why wouldn't you?

Step 3 – Introduce your Unique Company and Solution

Do you have an amazing solution that the industry leader needs to see? After joining their Private Innovation Network, you will be asked to complete a fairly detailed survey to help the industry leader understand which companies are working on what types of solutions.  After reviewing the survey data, the industry leader will invite selected startups to create a "video business plan" highlighting your team and your solution.  This video introduction of your company is a quick and easy way to convey what your team, company and solution have to offer.  If you are invited to do a video introduction, be sure to do it!  This is your opportunity to be discovered!

Step 4 – Respond to Industry Leader Growth and Innovation Needs

Industry leaders will use the survey results and video submissions to decide which areas of market innovation they should pursue. Industry Leaders will then publish specific growth or innovation need requests to the startups subscribed to their Private Innovation Network. You will be notified of these requests and given instructions on how to respond. Your responses will be reviewed by the Industry Leader to determine the best potential startup partners for their needs going forward. Selected startups will have the opportunity to meet directly with the Industry Leader executives to formulate a win / win relationship going forward.

Step 5 – Enter into a Strategic Partnership and Validate Your Solution

Selected startups will have the opportunity to work closely with the Industry Leader to design a pilot or development plan that tests and validates the new innovation and solution they are bringing to market. The Industry Leader and Startup will also define a win / win relationship approach that includes support from the Industry Leader and actions that will occur as milestones are achieved. The Industry Leaders goal is to leverage all the internal resources they have available to help shepherd your new innovation and solution into the market as fast as possible. There are all types of relationships that can occur between the Industry Leader and Startup including joint sales & marketing, licensing, joint ventures, investment and M&A.

Step 6 – Accelerate Your Business and Leverage Industry Leader Resources

Once the development plan is put in place, you and the Industry Leader will work together to execute the pilot, achieve the milestones and accelerate your business into the market.  Prinnovo will be there every step of the way to ensure that schedules are maintained, communication is occurring regularly and that both companies are pushing forward as rapidly as possible. Our Industry Leaders are excited to have the opportunity to get to know your company and to try and help accelerate the commercialization of innovation in the market.


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